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Willingness to play young guys

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Willingness to play young guys

Postby jereed » Sun Nov 25, 2012 4:32 pm

This staff is way more willing to play young guys than the previous regime (IMO). Seems like under Meyer, you hopped on a conveyer belt and waited your turn. Lots of freshmen getting serious playing time this year bodes really well for next year and recruits seeing it have to love it. Coaching staff not just blowing sunshine when they tell a kid if you bust your a$$, you'll get on the field whether you're a freshman or a senior.

Really going to be fun watching the defensive ends over the next couple years. They're good and they gained a lot of experience this year.
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Re: Willingness to play young guys

Postby murdamal86 » Sun Nov 25, 2012 5:42 pm

I disagree. Meyer was like any other top college HC in if you're a freshman and was good, you'll play.

Qb: portis and tebow played as a freshman.

Rb: demps and rainey basically started as freshman

Wr: harvin and fayson and a few others played from day one

Te: hernandez played a lot in 07

Ol: Pouncey

DL: Pouncey, Patchan, Lemmons

Lb: idk

Db: haden, jenkins, atkins, hill, riggs.
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Re: Willingness to play young guys

Postby TLB » Mon Nov 26, 2012 3:58 pm

I'll agree that Meyer played the studs, he had to in order to win. The downfall is depth, or lack thereof, by NOT playing a rotation across the positions - particularly the O-line and D-line. This, I believe, is what the OP is referring to, and I've seen (and said) it myself as well - this coaching staff believes in building depth. All season they've rotated players in the majority of positions (RB check!, O-line check!, D-line check! Backs and secondary check! WRs check! QB ... let's not go there). The point being, a lot of young kids are sold on playing time, but they'd end up waiting a few years under coaches like Meyer - who was accused of favoritism, I'm not calling it that, but I can see where his preferred players get the majority of snaps.

All coaches preach - you bring your A-game, you'll get your chance to play. Here, under these current coaches, either they are getting better players in (possible) or their using better rotation to help develop the younger players while giving the older guys fewer snaps = rested veterans later into the game. I'll give Dillman his due without question. But I'll also credit the decision to rotate players as part of why our team is stronger in the second half, and other teams wilt under our will by the 4th quarter. Better to have a young guy getting real game reps and spelling the veterans than some guy riding the pine for a year or two getting disgruntled. Case in point - how much drop off is there when Jenkins gets hurt and Morrison goes in on MLB? How much concern is there by any of us, the staff, or the other players on the field? How better are we next year with the kind of experience our younger players are getting from the rotation? That's how you build a lasting program, rather than someone who pops up the rankings one year and is a mystery the next.

The flipside to this argument is also present in this season's performance when you look at the O-line. We simply did not have enough young players to keep a 2 deep rotation, and it showed when we started having injuries. First you have to recruit the quality players, next you've got to give them time on the field, then rinse and repeat.
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