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Kadarius Toney being compared to Harvin?

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#1 Lawrence of Florida

Lawrence of Florida

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Posted 16 March 2017 - 10:49 AM

A lot of hype coming out of camp about this Kadarius Toney kid. Word is that he has a Harvin-like burst and is incredibly elusive as a runner. The coaches are apparently already committed to developing a set package for him at QB, regardless of who eventually wins the starting job. 


It's certainly encouraging news, but here's the thing: when I watch his tape on Youtube, I just don't see it. Nothing jumps out at me like Harvin or even Preston Parker, to whom he has also been compared (if you remember him from FSU). Harvin used to run away from entire defenses and clearly looked like a man amongst boys. I'm not getting that vibe from Toney. A solid enough player with quick feet here and there that enables him to elude bad high school tackling, yes, but...Preston Parker? No way. Based on the tape I've seen, I'd actually put more faith in Dre Massey coming off the ACL. 



Finally, a quick word on "QB packages": they generally don't work. Yes, a Deshaun Watson or Jalen Hurts style player can be difficult to prepare for, but they're playing every snap. On any given play, the ball could move in a variety ways with those types of players. The problem with "set packages" for a specific player is that the package, by definition, is limited. It's a package. After a game or two, opponents generally know which way the ball will move with it. Even with Tebow coming in for Leak, everyone knew exactly what he would do, but they were generally short-yardage situations and he was a load to stop for less than a yard. If this Toney kid really is something special, I think a better fit for him might be flanker or some kind of hybrid RB/WR like Harvin. We could motion him around and get the ball in his hands on a wider variety of plays, which is much more difficult to defend than a limited QB package. 








#2 gator_tom


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Posted 16 March 2017 - 11:52 AM

Hmmm - Another negative thread from LoF. Surprise surprise surprise. 





it's certainly encouraging news, but here's the thing: when I watch his tape on Youtube, I just don't see it.


BFD - you aren't a coach or even knowledgeable fan based on some of your postings.


Besides - No one here expects a nole to understand.  

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#3 DrthG8r


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Posted 22 March 2017 - 08:53 PM

Thought about driving up to new york for the game Friday but as much as I hate the place - changed my mind.  Think I'll go to South Dakota instead - much more interesting place.  Besides, I've been wanting to put the accelerator through the floor board and SD may be a perfect spot to do it.

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