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Happy New Year!

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Posted 01 January 2017 - 09:39 PM

To all, including Vol posters, negagators, cynical gators and Dooley and Robbie, and all their alia, and even the infamous LOF. LOF is a troll but he is so ludicrous, that he adds entertainment value. His contrived criticism of Ricky Nattiel in scrubs visiting practice was one of my  favorite threads.


 Special thanks to all the positive Gators. Gator 2222 and Mtn2top are feeding us great info about the recruiting process and keeping up morale.  The Vol (COL) posters are fun to trade insults with. Orange does post too much tho.


Dooley, as a New Year's resolution needs learn the difference between skepticism and cynicism.  The former is good for journalism; the latter bad.

Dooley also needs to be consistent with his journalism.

I know he can write, e.g the cancellation of

hurricane Matthew article and, his article and the Gators all out team triumph at LSU (although he would have recommended that Mac should have been fired on the spot if the Gators had lost due to Mac's play calling. Dooley was 1/2 of a yard away from this until his Grinch Gator heart grew 9 times. His journalism needs to be consistently good or he should retire. What is in your wallet Pat?


Robbie needs be like Brockoway. Kevin is fair to the Gator Basketball team and provides good coverage. Dooley, Robbie and LOF need to get over their hatred of Jeremy Foley and his hires. 


2017 could be a very good year for the Gators. I'm afraid, tho, that increasing fan impatience and delusions could cost us an excellent coach. Go  Gators, just get a W tommorow. Next year, we will get the style points.

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