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#743283 Excellent Article on Mac's Offense

Posted by ShadowGator on 08 December 2014 - 04:17 PM

you thought that was an excellent article?   I thought it was just a case history from Alabama past.....as far as an excellent offense..........how many teams in the SEC use the pistol?  I can off the top of my head think of at least six with multiple formations.    Nothing new here.  UF tried to run a stealth spread.....I say stealth because even the players didn't even know when it was being run.  Then they tried running the pro/spread........a hybrid that never did work out.  Neither Driskel or Harris could run and throw together really well.  Driskel could run, but not throw well, the opposite for Harris. I know Mac was a good position coach at Alabama....no one is doubting that.  He took a CSU team from nothing to a very good team............(in the Mountain West conference!!!!).  Now as a HC in the SEC, he will never be better than Saban and the UF hopeful HAS to understand that  Let's just hope he can recruit and coach.............THIS IS THE SEC.


ONE THING:  Can the UF faithful accept the fact that McElwain will always be a 2nd fiddle coach in the SEC?????   or even a third fiddle? with the likes of great coaches in the SEC now?  Probably not!!.   Will they give him the time to be first chair.......at least four years to get there?  Probably not!!!  McElwain has a large learning curve to endure from some really good SEC coaches in Saban, Miles, Richt, Spurrier, Mahlzan, Mullen,  Pinkel and Sumlin........  and the fast upstarts in Jones, Bielma, Freeze, and Stoops.   When you think of it......the SEC has the collection of greatest coaches by far than any other conference.   Yeah UF fans..........the time will come.........but will you and the UF faithful give him that time?


One Thing: Can we all agree that this guy's opinions are worthless?

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#743103 Coach Mac - Interview

Posted by GatorCommander on 07 December 2014 - 08:39 PM

Annoying? Honestly, no sunshine pumping here, but not at all. Frankly, his just "hometown" down to earth demeanor was refreshing. He's not a politician and that's a good thing to me. He comes across very genuine, and that should really help us in recruiting down the road. He didn't come across like he was trying to win over the Gator Nation, he came across like some guy who was happy to be here.  

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#732646 What if UF wins the east?

Posted by Jabberdave on 24 October 2014 - 12:46 PM

 Then I will agree to send that fine gentleman in Nigeria the funds he has requested in oder to get his late father's fortune out of the country. 

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#719504 Welcome to the new GSMB

Posted by Gator Sports Admin on 05 September 2014 - 08:55 AM

arkygator, We wanted to launch last week but there were lightning strikes within 8 miles of our servers. 

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#770229 pessin me off

Posted by Gator2222 on 08 November 2015 - 10:21 PM

I really don't understand this line of reasoning. 


In 1993 I had many conversations with people about Terry Dean and Danny Wuerffel.  I was not sold on Terry and definitely thought Danny should be starting.  It was always interesting to hear others perspectives.  Dean had quite a few supporters that thought Danny should wait his turn.


I was not miserable, down on the Gators or taking winning horribly.  It is simply a fact of sports that fans are going to discuss the performance of not only teams but also individual players.


Discussing the strengths or shortcomings of teams and players is pretty much the point of this forum existing. 


Insisting that posters should only say good things is just silly.  Discussing things realistically is what we should be doing.  That is not pessimism, whining or whatever other label you want to place on it.


If you want the role of cheerleader, it's yours.  I won't complain.  In the meantime I will continue to be a loyal Gator fan that is capable of happily (and realistically) seeing both the good and the bad.

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#778293 Really disappointed in Mike White

Posted by suwanneegator on 01 March 2016 - 11:23 PM

You're overlooking one major part of the situation. This is one of Billy Donovan's teams. I think that all the players on the team where already here or committed to come here when White was hired. Like I posted on another thread a couple of days ago I appreciate very much what Billy Donovan accomplished while he was here. His dedication and drive were out of this world until the last couple of years, then he started mailing in his recruiting efforts. Just look at the number of transfers from other schools that are on the roster. That's not recruiting, that's just filling out the roster. The team couldn't shoot last year when Donovan was here and the same players still can't shoot. Give White a chance.

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#771556 O Line Coach

Posted by Jmcac40 on 21 November 2015 - 06:32 PM

For those who actually understand the situation, what we are seeing was expected. Here is how this situation transpired. After last year we should have had Humphries at tackle, Moore at guard, Thurman at center, Johnson at the other guard and Sharpe at the other tackle. When Muschamp said he left us with good players he was right, they had the makings of a good experienced oline along with a dominant defense.. Then surprisingly Humphries (justifiably), and Moore (not justifiably) went pro. Thurman was injured prior to spring and hasn't been 100% all year. Johnson was injured during the spring so severely that he had to quit football. A real loss, some had projected him as a future draft pick. Going into the season we were expected to finish 5th in the SEC due to the inexperience at QB but mainly due to the absolute disaster at oline. McElwain pulled out all the stops to patch a line together. They were were incredibly lucky to get Halter from Fordham, but he is by no means a dominant SEC linemen. It was so bad that the spring game had to be modified due to the lack of bodies. Be careful what you wish for. Summerlin is considered one of the best offensive line coaches by those in the know. The truth is he doesn't have much to work with, most are underclassmen. We looked good early in the year because Grier's quick release negated a lot of the rush and his passing kept the defense honest. With Treon at the helm the line has to block a second or two longer and the defense is leaving more in the box because they don't respect Treon's ability to go through his reads. Stop complaining and be happy with the 10 wins. This year was a huge success! The next two games we don't match up well against FSU and especially Alabama. But even if we lose those two and beat a decent team in the bowl we should all be proud of this team,
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#771512 Mac looks like Musschamp

Posted by Wearetheoldboyz on 21 November 2015 - 04:17 PM

You really are idiotic..... We are 10-1 shmuck...  Some of you guys are idiotic....  get your clutchlikemj ass out of here. 

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#771080 The hype about Arkansas and Tennessee was real

Posted by -THE DUDE- on 17 November 2015 - 09:15 AM

For those that don't know, Dobbs had a sore foot against North Texas and was instructed to play from the pocket. The playbook was effectively cut in half and all run/pass options removed. It goes without saying that his legs are a huge part of their scheme, so I'm not sure why people are shocked that they didn't light up the scoreboard in that game.


That was basically a 48-0 win if Dobbs was healthy. 


I stand by my opinion that Tennessee is playing the best football in the East right now. And Arkansas is playing the second best football in the West. We are still the East Division winners and we're going to Atlanta. It just is what it is - they would beat us if we played on a neutral field tomorrow, in my opinion. 


Why is this interesting? Because they were predicted to succeed before the season, were left for dead after some early setbacks, and now have re-emerged as the teams a lot of the pundits thought they would be back in the summer. It's been an incredible rollercoaster to witness.

If Florida beat North Texas 24-0 you would be on here telling us all how bad of a win that is...shut the fvck up 

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#721140 No One Talking About The D In The 2nd and 3rd OT

Posted by gatorhar on 16 September 2014 - 08:20 AM

All I am hearing is that Kentucky threw the ball all over us. Re watched the game last night. In the 2nd and 3rd OTs Kentucky ran 9 plays and gained 7 yards and scored 3 points. Why is no one mentioning this? Why is no one celebrating this? In the 2nd OT they ran 3 plays and got no yards, however, Darious reached out and got a face mask on 3rd down giving UK a first down on our 15. They ran 3 more more plays and got 6 yards and settled for a field goal. In the 3rd OT UK ran 3 plays and got 1 yard. And even in the 1st OT we had the screen pass bottled up and their kid just reversed field and made an incredible play. Great D in OT.   

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#775857 Austin Appleby

Posted by John_Blutarsky on 07 January 2016 - 09:07 AM

All Treon Harris has been asked to do is to save our season... twice! And both times he did the very best he could. I give the young man all the respect in the world for that. I have been fiercely and scathingly critical of him because I hate watching the Gators struggle, but the kid is a warrior and has great heart. I appreciate what he has done for the Florida Gators and I wish him the best going forward. I think it's clear that he is not the best option at quarterback for this football team, but that makes him no less a Gator. 


If he can find another position to excel at and get on the field to contribute I think that would be awesome. Or, if he wishes to compete for the job and finds himself content with being a backup then God bless him for that. Perhaps he will decide to transfer to a program that runs a spread offense better suited to his talents. I bet Adazzio up at BC would love to have him! Whatever his future holds, I thank him for his contributions and for holding this team together during a championship run. 


I know improvement at the quarterback position is on its way. And for that I am truly grateful. 

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#775247 We have the right coach

Posted by PharmaGator on 01 January 2016 - 06:39 PM

As a UF alumni and hard core gator, I'd like to say that I believe we got our guy. It doesn't exactly jump out at you after the way we finished the season, but I believe this guy gets it. I'd like to submit few observations for support...


1. We were 6-0 with a pretty good QB and beat some good teams. Ole Miss and Tenn are good. We were better with a good qb. T. Harris is a negative catalyst. Couple bad plays and the snowball gets rolling down hill. I can't remember the last time a guy was busted for PED'S much less a freaking QB. I mean, what are the odds. Mac goes out and gets who I believe is a top 3 QB in the nation in F. Franks, plus Del Rio is on the bench= He gets it, we will be better next year.


2. We have the worst kicking game I've ever seen. EVER. What does our coach do? Well nothing that can save this year, but gets the best guy possible for next year = He gets it, we will be better next year.


3. He's filled several other positions of need and even tapped the JUCO ranks for talent. Coaches do this mostly when they are new on the job and have to get talent in quick for results = He gets it, we will be better next year. 


4. Coaches cant snap, throw, or tackle. They can recruit, and make the right calls during the game. They can play mental games to keep players motivated. Our guy has done all a coach can do. Give Meyer or Saban our team and they lose the same games CMAC lost. Maybe more. Our guy did the best he could under all the circumstances that developed this year. Butch Jones lost games for his team = bad coaching. He has been there a while and got some good recruits, so his guys still do well when he doesn't ruin it. Our guy doesn't make those mistakes. Just needs his guys.


Tons of other examples. Give MAC 3 years and we will be a threat every year to win the SEC. 

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#773528 Proud, proud, proud

Posted by Travis McGee on 05 December 2015 - 11:25 PM

What a great season by a bunch of Gators that were picked to finish 5th in the East. 


This group just laid down the foundation for the next several years. 


I knew they were going to lose today, but I enjoyed watching those guys give it a go. 


Nice job, Gators! 


On to the bowl game, recruiting and the spring. And then 12 straight over Tennessee and another East title next year. 

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#769318 McElwain's style vs. Muschamp's

Posted by DunedinDan on 01 November 2015 - 01:04 PM

I saw it replayed several times on different stations yesterday:  Muschamp's explosions on the sidelines.  It reminded me of how much I really disliked him as a coach and wanted him gone after the homecoming loss to Vandy and the Georgia Southern debacle.


Sure I know coaches yell and I have been on the receiving end a few times, but nothing like I saw from him yesterday.  Every part of his body is screaming as loudly as his mouth.


I can only imagine what he's like when there are no cameras or microphones.


McElwain's demeanor is perfect for this team.  One of Te Boys said, "You know when coach is serious.  You can hear a pin drop.


Mac's tongue lashing of KT was definitely rough, but not nearly as bad as Muschamp.  Plus, look at how KT has come around for the team.  You know there was more talking and teaching going on after that when there were no cameras of microphones that helped KT improve as a man and a player.


I don't think that happens with Muschamp.


Just makes me appreciate even more having Jim McElwain as our head football coach and I hope he stays at UF for a long, long time.



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#742312 CSU fan here: Florida not laid out as Mac "Dream Job"

Posted by Lawschoolque on 04 December 2014 - 09:23 AM

stopped reading when you said Mac listed Tennessee as his dream job....but i guess nightmares are dreams too. 


No one in the world places Tenn job above Florida job. No one. 

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#737923 I have this feeling we will have a hard time finding a GREAT coach..

Posted by GatorRock on 17 November 2014 - 04:39 AM

Face the facts guys, UF doesn't have that appeal us fans like to believe. Yes, we have money. Yes, we have built our name into a "powerhouse name" over the past 25 yrs. Yes we have a passionate fan base. The fact is though, our facilities are sub-par. The expectations from the fans can be too demanding. Gainesville isn't the best of places to live nor had an appealing weather element for football. I believe schools around the country have just as much to offer as UF does, definitely schools in the SEC. For UF to be back on top we MUST spend every dollar possible to bring in someone that'll bring some "sex" appeal back to UF. Someone that'll bring back our swagger. I believe this coach will only be temporary but if we have another muschamp like bust, I believe our program will never recover....


Now I was going to agree with your post from the title.  And that was because I don't think we can get a great coach right now, a I don't see one out there.  Those most consider great are in good spots and happy where they are at (no amount of money will bring people out of a spot where they are happy)-- but what you argue is just stupid.


Facilites aren't sub-par.  If you think so, then you only think the absolute latest is the only greatest thing. We don't have an indoor practice field- and this is such a problem because? The heat? If our players can play in it, they can beat those who can't.  The rain? You play in rain.  The cold? Umm, nope.  As for everything else I'm pretty damn sure we are just as good if not better.  It may not always be pretty as folks wasting money on shine, but the machines and medical staff/equipment leads the nation.


Expectations are on-par with every other Power school.  Show me one where they aren't and I'll show you a school that has not won championship.  We EXPECT excellence in football for a reason- they have to compete with basketball, baseball, softball, soccer, volleyball, tennis, swimming, track & field, lacrosse...shall I go on? If you want a mediocrity and losing go with Muschamp. Coaches must believe they can win at any level or that isn't a coach worth hiring.  If that scares away folks, then keep them away! Fans want a winner, not a guy who wants rainbows, lollipops, and kittens. 


You also haven't lived many places in this world, much less lived in many college towns.  Gainesville isn't a good place to live? You think this because?????? Town is small, folks are friendly, and the weather is GREAT. Yep it gets hot. But it rarely stays cold and you have more sunshine than anywhere else in the country, except other Florida schools.  So again how is this a bad place to live? It's ~100 miles to Orlando/Disney (which most coaches will have young families). It has top notch schools in the area for the kids. And maybe, just maybe you forget the coach doesn't have time much time to enjoy a lot of the city anyhow.  As much as we'd like to believe they have a life, they don't.  If it's not football season, it's recruiting season or booster visits or....  College towns usually only have the colleges.  Look again at the top 25 in football this week - 5 of them are in big cities that could survive if the college wasn't there, the rest are based around that University.  So again tell me how Gainesville is a bad city to live in when you are comparing college jobs.  You may be a big city person and need a NYC type life, but most coaches don;t seem to be, so doubt who ever we get would be either.  


Love Gainesville, Love the Gators or leave.

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#734684 Here's what bothers me!

Posted by gatorpe on 01 November 2014 - 09:12 PM



this hurts my head.... seriously - I can't understand why ppl cannot see the obvious.


1. The uga game was not really much progress.  Treon went 3-6 for 27 yards.  If they would've played Jeff Im sure he could've handed it off all day long too.  The difference is, with Treon in they ran and ran and ran.  With driskel they tried to call more passes, they just didn't work.   In no instance over the past 4 years has a Muschamp team consistently been able to mount a passing attack.


2.  The program has not made much progress today.  Yes, they won a single game.  But UF still likely won't win the east.  They aren't going to be ranked, they can't throw the ball.  If the opposing defense can stop the run, UF won't score.


3.  Because of #2 - we will surely see more losses in the future.   Because the offense still is not fixed, the program simply cannot progress.   



I cannot believe people cannot see this extremely obvious situation - UGA is not a good team.  Plus, they play a style champ is comfortable with and can consequently beat 

Funniest post today.  Did you watch the game. Did you not  see the offensive line dominate UGA.  Did you not  see our def, hold down the highest scoring SEC offense?  Did you not see the excitement and much more disciplined play of our guys on both sides.  Did you not see us absolutely HAMMER our biggest hated rival on both lines of scrimmage.  And this was not progress?  You are either a teenager or hate Will so bad your judgement is clouded.  This was progress.  This was a much needed win by our boys.  ANYTIME you beat uga and beat them badly it is a great day for the gators.  Your definition of progress must not match mine in anyway.

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#733336 The rhetoric about keeping Muschamp so the "kids" can try for a bowl...

Posted by DocGator on 28 October 2014 - 01:16 PM

I have been a Gator Booster since 1989, that was the year the I purchased my season tix. My wife and I also travel to at least 2 away games every year. I rarely post on these message boards because of whinny toads like the originator of this thread. I am not a Bull Gator, but do make a significant donation to the UAA every year to renew my tx. I am friends with many who are Bull Gators. As a whole we recognize sports for what they are; entertainment, pure and simple.


Where does this fool get the nads big enough to believe that something was "stolen" from him? Nothing was/has been stolen from anyone. lawrence has chosen of his own free will not to attend games. So in effect, he has stolen from himself.


I am sure this "lawrence" is clueless about Gator football history prior to the arrival of Spurrier. The 70's and 80's were a disaster. But that didn't stop fans from attending games.


The 90's brought us for a wild ride with Spurrier, and we continued into the 2,000's with Meyer. We experienced a bump with Zook, but recovered with the arrival of Meyer. 


My point; if someone does not like the product then don't go. But stop your crying about "how it was stolen" from you.

You sound like a little, never worked a day in your life spoiled child. 

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#721168 Perspective: 28 Year Winning Streak Over A Conference Opponent

Posted by gatorhar on 16 September 2014 - 10:06 AM

Take a minute and list the best programs in college football year in and year out over time.  Alabama, LSU, Auburn Georgia, FSU, Clemson, Miami, Ohio State, Michigan, Penn State, USC, Texas, Oklahoma, Notre Dame and think about the fact that none of them have an active winning streak of 28 years in a row against an opponent. Now many of them don’t have a team  they play on a consistent basis, however, beating any major college football team 28 years in a row is an incredible streak.


For perspective that means 7 full classes of students have attended UF and UK without seeing a UK victory over UF.


If you are a Gator: It means you could have been born, been accepted to UF, gone to 3 years of graduate school at UF, started your career and still not have seen UK beat UF. It means you could have been born, been accepted to UF, got married, had children and those children still have not seen UK beat UF.     


If you are a Wildcat: It means you could have lost your baby teeth, got your permanent teeth and then lost all your permanent teeth and still not seen UK beat UF. It means you could have married your sister had children and those children could have married each other and all of you have still not seen UK beat UF. It means you could have been born, gone in to daddy’s moonshine business, been arrested for illegally operating a still, gotten out of jail and still not have seen UK beat UF.     


Just a little perspective, so that we appreciate 28 years and remember not all of the games were easy, Just ask Chris Leak, Danny and Chris Doering.  

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#719509 Welcome to the new GSMB

Posted by WobbleGator on 05 September 2014 - 09:01 AM













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